What Is Okimoto?

What is Okimoto?

Okimoto the most advanced decentralised non-fungible token exchange on the Zilliqa blockchain.

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What are non-fungible tokens? 

Non-fungible tokens are unique digital tokens that hold some amazing information based on the blockchain.

Examples of NFTs you can find on Okimoto are:


-Digital Art



-3D Models

-Game Assets

-Domain Names

-Physical goods


NFTS (non-fungible tokens) are a new exciting way to get your amazing art, designs, and goods directly to customers in a truly decentralised manor. Okimoto also offers one of the cheapest fees on the Zilliqa blockchain, returning funds currently lost in exchange fees back to the artist.


Peer-To-Peer Decentralised Exchange


Trading on Okimoto is an easy and trust-minimized process. The Okimoto exchange is built upon a totally decentralised peer-to-peer exchange where users don’t have to rely on third party software or databases. Users can directly purchase NFTs from each other taking the stress away from a counterparty having to behave honourably.


Why use Okimoto to sell your Zilliqa NFTs?


Okimoto has one of the lowest fees in the NFT space


Okimoto takes 0% sales fees. This set Okimoto aside in the blockchain NFT market space, with most exchanges taking as much as 5-7%, not mentioning traditional markets who take as much as 12%.

Okimoto will remain at 0% sale fees until further notice.


Truly decentralised auctions and flat sales


Okimoto allows you to create different listings in a true fully decentralised way.


  • Flat-Sale – The easiest way to list your NFTs. Simply set a price and duration and you’re ready to go.
  • Auctions – Price discovery for your amazing art. Simply set a price and duration and the highest bidder will claim your amazing piece.

Flat-sales and auctions are only the start for Okimoto platform with more options coming soon.


Low transaction fees


Zilliqa offers some of the cheapest fees in the blockchain space, with the typical gas for listing/purchasing NFTs being 1.81 $ZIL, This is tiny in comparison to the cost of fees on the Ethereum blockchain, setting Zilliqa as a cost-effective alternative for NFT sales.


Carbon neutral


The Okimoto platform is carbon neutral. This means Okimoto will buy carbon credits to make up for the platform’s negative effects on the environment from computing power.

This makes Okimoto the only carbon neutral initiate currently on the Zilliqa blockchain.



Above is only some of the amazing features that sets Okimoto aside from its competitors, and we can wait to show you more.