Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy my allocations?


All allocations will be purchasable in $ZIL.

What is the minimum stake?


How long is the Okipad unstaking period?


When will I get my staking rewards?


When will I see my allocations for projects launching?


Can I still partake in launchpad without staking $OKI?


Upcoming ILO

There are currently two projects confirmed to launch via the Okipad, Ziltopia and Heroes of Lowhelm, both projects have huge potential within the Zilliqa gaming sector and we’re super excited to tell you more.


Ziltopia is building an exciting digital world on the Zilliqa blockchain, where users can build, explore, and even earn by simply playing the game. This is a world first for the Zilliqa blockchain and will help bring the network to mainstream adoption.

Heroes of Lowhelm

Heroes of Lowhelm is an epic fantasy RPG where you help take on the invading Kryptic hoards and save Lowhelm from extinction. RPG games offer huge nostalgia and a strategic challenge to the users engaging users of all ages.