Heroes of Lowhelm

Bringing gaming to the Zilliqa blockchain

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Heroes of Lowhelm?


Simply put, Heroes of Lowhelm is an amazing fantasy 2D anime turned-based RPG game for mobile, built utilizing the Zilliqa blockchain!Blockchain has offered a new direction for the gaming industry, with HOL looking to take advantage and be one of the first to utilize the amazing technology. Heroes of Lowhelm will allow users to live out their RPG dreams with amazing graphics, story and even allow you to earn whilst playing.
The ecosystem within HOL will run on two native tokens, $HOL and $CAST, which will allow users to summon heroes, equipment and so much more to help you on your epic adventure to save the planet of Lowhelm.

What does $CAST and $HOL do?


Fair Token Sales


Sneak Peaks

Currently, the developments on HOL are under NDA between the HOL team and the gaming studio we’ve partnered with, but we can show some illustrations of the heroes that will be playable in the game.

Token Allocations

Token Allocations

Below are the token allocations of the $HOL token. The White List sale has already been completed with the funds being released at 20% at launch, then 10% monthly for 8 months after release.

White list - 75,000,000
Public sale - 150,000,000
Team - 100,000,000
Future Dev - 50,000,000
Marketing - 50,000,000
Rewards - 575,000,000

Total Supply - 1,000,000,000

Team Vesting Periods

The $HOL vesting period is set around 10 payments of 10% every 3 months from the release of the $HOL token on the Zilliqa blockchain.

Percentage received Release date after ILO ends
10%3 months
10%6 months
10%9 months
10%12 months
10%15 months
10%18 months
10%21 months
10%24 months
10%27 months
10%30 months

Our Roadmap

Below is the short-term roadmap of the $HOL project leading up to the release of the BETA game in Q1 2020.

Q4 2021

  • White list sale
  • Top-Tier Game Studio Signed
  • Begin Game Development

Q1-Q2 2022

  • New Website
  • Release Gaming Documentations
  • Public Sale
  • Release HOL V1 (Playable Demo)

Q3 2022

  • Release HOL V2 (Full Version)
  • Start Aggressive Marketing for official Launch

Q4 2022

  • Release HOL V3 (Major Update)
  • Planning for season 2

Q1 2023

  • HOL Season 2
  • Planning for features to enter the Metaverse

Meet the Team

The team behind the HOL project consists of some very well-known faces in the Zilliqa ecosystem. You may recognize them from YouTube, Twitter or even Telegram. They’ve been big parts in promotion and spreading adoption of the Zilliqa blockchain.

The brain behind HoL is William Cho. An experienced mobile gamer who spent many hours grinding various 2D Turn-based RPG games. Creating a mobile game was always on the bucket list but once realizing the potential with blockchain, he has finally taken the step to pursue one of his dreams. His role in HOL is the Game Master aka the Product Manager.

William Cho

William Cho

Product manager



Head of Marketing

Blockchain Andy

Blockchain Andy


Ron Privado

Ron Privado

Community Manager

Melanie Louw

Melanie Louw

Graphic designer